Being skinny isn’t always in

Have you ever heard the term “skinny-fat”?  Trust me, you never want to be described as “skinny-fat”. 

I have seen a lot of people with this body type throughout my 24 years in this business. And I have also had the privilege of seeing what the inside of a “skinny-fat” body looks like. Each year I participate in a weeklong cadaver (dead body) dissection class at Southern Florida University. Believe me, a “skinny-fat” body type DOES NOT age well!  Osteoporosis, up close and in person, is awful! I literally, pushed my thumb, right through the calcaneus (heel bone) of my cadaver.  Your can turn into mush if you don’t do regular resistance training.

What does “skinny-fat” look like?

A “skinny-fat” body type is when a person is thin with little to no muscle tone. In this body type, the body fat ratio is higher than the muscle ratio. People maintain this body type by eating very low calorie meals and often feel like they don’t have to work out because they are naturally thin. Sometimes they are afraid to work out because they view adding muscle as putting weight on and even becoming bulky. If you do find them working out, they are usually cardio junkies.

Excess Cardio  + Limited Food = Muscle Catabolism & Fat Storage

Any diet that is extremely low in calories and tells you to minimize your workouts is the WRONG program to be on. It will slow down your metabolism and eventually, when you go off of this program (and you will), you will gain back all the weight you lost and more.

Studies show, a body with more dense, toned muscle (not bulky), lives a healthier life and a longer life!  Just look at Jack Lalaine.

Remember…the more muscle you hold, the faster your metabolism. The faster your metabolism, the more calories required. The more calories required, means a few more cheat days for you!

Men vs. Women

Men typically carry more muscle than women because of higher levels of testosterone. And this is also why men ALWAYS lose weight faster than women. Women are typically the victims of diet trends that mess up their metabolism when instead; they should be working on their resistance training to see quicker results!

Do you want brittle, mushy bones?  Do you want to be that elderly person, who sneezes and fractures a rib? I am guessing your answer is “NO!” Make sure you are incorporating resistance training into your workouts. Calcium supplements only help if paired with resistance training to force the body to pull the calcium into the bones. Otherwise, you will discard the unwanted calcium through your urine.

LEAN & MEAN… that is where it’s at!  It doesn’t take much!  A rubber band and 20-30 minutes of your time can change your life!  It’s never too late to start, so get off your bootie and take control of your health!

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  1. Linda

    I have been working out my whole life, and now that I’m in menopause It is harder to tone and loose fat. I eat well, is there anything different that I should be doing? I’m so frustrated!!


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